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Choir Member Testimonies

Laura Stanberry- "I'm in the choir because there is no better place to experience the joy of using my voice in harmony with fellow believers to lift up Jesus' Name. It means the world to me to be able to give the gift He has given me back to Him and enjoy the fellowship of others doing the same!"

Alyssa Upchurch- "I’m part of the choir ministry because this is where God called me! Nothing better then knowing you are obeying the Lord by serving Him!! This choir has become family.. they are there for you when life is going great by supporting and celebrating life and are there to encourage, pray and help when life is hard! Wednesday nights are one of my favorite evenings because I am surrounded by like minded people!"

Sybil Vaughn- "Wednesday choir rehearsal is my much-needed mid-week spiritual revival! I look forward to singing in the choir on Sunday because I get so much more out of the service if I participate! We all need to be plugged in somewhere. God is using our dedicated choir members to bless mightily and to prepare souls for receiving the Word! 

Gina Kirkland- "It is such a joy to sing songs that lift up, praise Jesus and speak truth. My favorite songs are when we sing quotes from Scripture. I can have a tough day but one song changes my whole attitude! Love my choir..."

Cheryl Arbelaez- " ...I worship to offer hope and healing to those who are hurting...to hear and remember all the promises given to us by Christ in His Word. The choir is a place I can come and feel like I am part of a big family who sings together, laughs together, cries together, prays together, and worships together."

John Schindler- "  Music is a gift from God himself! I feel that because HE gave me this gift and a love and passion for music, then I should use it to thank Him and sing His praises. MBC music ministry is a great family to be part of!"

Frances Turner- " Whether I’m standing in the choir on Sunday morning or practicing on Wednesday night, the songs that we sing are full of God's Word! He is exalted and tells us to sing praises, worship and be a witness for Him! What better way to do that than to be with a group of people that are from all walks of life and when we join together in that choir loft and lift up our voices to our God.  I thank God for our choir, Minister of Music and for the sweet privilege of being a part of this family"

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The mbc|choir is designed to inform, inspire and delight the singer and the church body! We specialize in singing songs with a strong doctrinal message that will be sure to engage the church in worshiping Jesus.

Our mission is to Engage people in worship so they will Exalt the Lord and Encounter His presence!


The mbc|Band is a group of people that are skilled in their instrument and use that skill to bring passion to a song so the worshipers can engage and praise the Lord.

If you are skilled at an instrument and would like to audition, contact Grant Upchurch. 919-795-9062


Psalm 150
Praise Him with instruments...

If you have been blessed with the ability to play and instrument, we invite you to call Grant Upchurch and book a private audition! He is always looking for skilled musicians to add to the team. 919-795-9062